American Bicycle Girl

Pippi on 2 wheels

Pippi on 2 wheels is the bike touring project I will share with the world while bike touring myself! It is still a brainstorm.

Basically, as I plan My Great Escape from LA (only temporarily! I’ll be back after exploring), my long red hair will begin tangling itself into Pippi braids! See diagram below:



The transformation will be drastic. Suddenly, I’ll hop on my bike and There may be marsupials in overall pockets enroute. Slacklines may fill a pannier bag. A hula hoop will definitely be visible. Many warm showers will be taken. I won’t be on a tall bike to generate constant smiles, but I have other skillz I’d like to share.480961_563550356994156_1304219787_n


Tentative travel dates, routes and locations:

– MARCH-ish; southern frontier in time for or after National Bike Summit/ Women Mean Business

– JULY-ish; west coast Vancouver to San Diego after NACCC/ BMX road trip!

– When and where are you touring? Need a bud?

– then…




1. To prove bikes rule the world. Screw you cars!

2. Experience every piece of natural world I can before we kill it

3. Inspire folks to rediscover their bikes for transportation, health, endorphins, and ADVENTURE

4. Have a fun adventure!

5. Gain perspective

6. Take a break from car-choked LA



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