American Bicycle Girl


Pre-Mount Wilson mountain biking in Pasadena. First real ride in a beautiful new home, California!

Once upon a time a girl was born in Germany during the end of the Cold War. Her mother was British and father Irish-American. On November 17, 1988 that girl became known as Lyndsay, and her hair grew brighter red and personality grew more fiery, with each passing day. At a young age, Lyndsay developed an endless love of this Earth and creatures who tread upon it. Twenty-ish years later, Lyndsay has grown into an aspiring active transportation urban planner, livability activist, sustainability community organizer and bike nut.

After graduating from Virginia Tech in August 2012, Lyndsay came out to Pro Walk Pro Bike 2012 in Long Beach, California. She had no idea where she’d end up, but set her intention high: to move into a new community and inspire people to rediscover their bikes and legs for transportation. Lyndsay knows darn right that pollution, congestion, obesity and dangerous human life-killing streets have got to go. Goodbye cars!

At the National Womens Bicycling Summit Lyndsay met Southern California Cyclecross wonder woman Dorothy Wong. Inspired by the race director’s passion to bring women into cycling and racing into community and the sustainability movement, Lyndsay joined The Team SoCalCross at Interbike as their Advocacy Coordinator. Until January, you can find Lyndsay growing the Bike Festival and Expo portions of each cyclecross race, volunteering for the LA County Bicycle Coalition at all of their exceptional events (did I mention how excited I am for CicLAvia?), and becoming LA’s biggest bike cheerleader! Or more likely, she’ll grow into one of the many incredible, driven bike advocates she learns of everyday. Like the Bodacious Bike Babes!

With a keen ambition to empower American women to bike at rates they do Europe, Lyndsay created this blog. It chronicles her wild, personal life but primarily she hopes it will encourage women to be adventurous, strong and take the reigns! It is known, women will change the world, and it’s important we support them to build  healthy communities.  Ultimately, a socially and ecologically conscious world is possible if women lead.

Hanging out with Chewy at Interbike, Las Vegas.


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