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Oh, the people I meet. Lunacy, west coast culture, foodie thoughts

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I’ve just returned from Lunacy Music and Arts Festival in Santa Barbara. The weekend was beautiful and the people, were exceptionally inspiring! The festival centered around celebrating community and freedom of expression under the full moon.Why Lunacy?

Since time immemorial, the moon has been a timekeeper, allowing us to meter our journey through the universe.  It is nocturnal illumination, it brings us light when all is dark and guides our adventures in the night.  We celebrate it’s coming to fullness together as a community.

Our cultural crowd is the convergence of brilliant and progressive hearts and minds from the near and far corners of humanity.  Artists, thinkers, creators, dissenters, debaters, movers, and shakers; a myriad of groups converge to create the techno-savvy tapestry of modern humanity.

This October, we will converge to celebrate the full moon and it’s light.  We will dance under the purest light to crisp cool beats echoing in the night.  We believe in the celebration of life.  We’re bringing together creative technology and innovative minds to celebrate the power of humanity, and we want all of YOU to come together and help bring this to life.

Nicholas and I climbed to the top of the Lunacy main stage jungle gym and doubled hula hooped. Yes we are both spider monkeys.

From camping with a wild, wonderful lady of a Burning Man friend to meeting a solar-power van spiffing, hang-gliding, parkour acrobat to hitching a ride back to LA with earthy, dready Lunacy musician, The Genie, the weekend was full of beautiful people. I find more and more, west coasters are passionate about their hobbies, and often times turn them into careers. People here also have a great sense of place and feel deeply connected with the environment they live in. They frequently travel to Yosemite, Zion, Death Valley, Lake Tahoe, Yellowstone, Catalina Island, Joshua Tree and other national parks destinations of extreme beauty. Hence, they love the outdoors on an intense spiritual level. And with unbeatable So Cal weather, people are able to recreate outdoors all the time!

Californians are also much more conscious of the food that feeds their bodies. Super raw foods and fruit shakes with cactus and celery are not uncommon. I had the best festival food I’ve ever eaten at Lydia’s. Their quinoa burger and vegan yogurt paste was unbelievable. There are also unique vegan restaurants like Euphoria Loves Rawvolution in Santa Monica with mind-blowing raw foods creativity. In addition to their environmental business commitment of composting food scraps for fertilizer and fuel, ELR is big on building activist communities (see mission statement below). I first learned about California’s push for ‘Yes on Prop 37‘, a label on food that’s been genetically engineered, while eating ELR chilled pad thai kelp noodles one afternoon.


The strong slow food movement out here always reminds me of the great work my two favorite foodies, Elena and Liza, are doing out east! Elena is now working on her Sustainable Agriculture Food Masters at Michigan State University while Liza recently took on an AmeriCorps Farm to School position in Marlinton, West Virginia. (Farm to school initiatives involve connecting schools with local farms by bringing fresh, nutritious foods from local farms into school cafeterias. Such initiatives serve both to help support local farmers and keep food dollars in local economies, and to help create a generation of informed food consumers)

Keep up the great work amazing friends! I miss you.


Author: Lyndsay McKeever

Virginia Tech Alternative Transportation Intern. Student Government Association Transportation Director. Active Transportation Advocate and Commuter Cyclist. Sustainability Girl. VT Cycling Team Member.

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