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Farmers Market Friday

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I whole-heartedly agree with New York Post article, Los Angeles is the Future: “it might be rough around the edges, and sometimes you have to dig to get to the greatness —that’s LA in a nutshell”. I’ve been having a hard time getting settled into this big scary city. It’s a much rougher place than Berlin, where I lived for 6 weeks this summer. Maybe I’m just a small town girl, either way, this place is full of possibility and I’m staying! Everyday, I start noticing just what bike/ped planners told me at Pro Walk Pro Bike in Long Beach – LA is one of the most inspiring urban settings in North America. Furthermore, I happened to land around the corner from Venice Beach, arguably the ‘coolest block in America’. I’ll always remember how Hoopnotica spontaneously recruited me while hula dancing on the Venice boardwalk. I just wanted to play with the pretty pink polypro sitting next to the DJ! Two weeks later and I’m on their Street Team to lead workshops, hoop jams and perform. Unfortunately I’ll be missing this sunday’s Abbot Kinney Festival, which kills me, because it looks awesome, and reminds me of my favorite Steppin Out festival in good ole Blacksburg. What’s a girl to do when there’s a CicLAvia and SoCalCross race happening the same darn day!? Obviously, I’ll attend the bike events. Bikes Rule!

Back to tales of extreme LA culture shock. Luckily, this morning I found the type of event I thrive at – farmers market! It was an early one, 7-11am in Venice. Found it using this handy farmers net. I made new friends from goat cheese farmers to German bakers.

Side rant: The Germans are everywhere, always! I’m convinced they are the most traveled people. I saw them winning CX in the OC elite women categories last Sunday, heard them at today’s market, was amazed at Interbike for impeccable good pannier design with Ortlieb (translated ‘place-love’), and will always remember seeing German moms and dads in New Zealand,pulling a trailer or riding a tandem bike with 2-3 kids on the back, a Deutschland flag flailing in the wind. In conclusion, Germans = bikes, beer, good design, engineers, serious, organized, intense, strict, sincere, healthy&slim. Just a few words that come to my mind.

Well this has been a rambling post! That’s what happens when you blog at 3:45am just for fun. Good night! I’ve got that REI job interview tomorrow, fingers crossed they adopt me. (And they should, I’m perfect for them)


Author: Lyndsay McKeever

Virginia Tech Alternative Transportation Intern. Student Government Association Transportation Director. Active Transportation Advocate and Commuter Cyclist. Sustainability Girl. VT Cycling Team Member.

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