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The 1st Post.

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I’m finally here. I’m in Long Beach, California, a beautiful clean suburb of Los Angeles (although there still are freaky people out on the streets!). Just a few months ago, I sat in my friend’s Berlin apartment hurriedly applying for the APBP Gihon Jordan Scholarship before a wild Euro Cup Fussball game at the Fanmeile (Brandenburg Gate). Now, as a Virginia Tech graduate, ambitious young professional in alternative transportation and lucky recipient of the scholarship, I’ll try my luck at landing a bicycle/pedestrian coordinator position at Pro Walk Pro Bike 2012, the leading international conference on walking and bicycling. I’ve got my business cards in hand so I’m off to great start!

In a few minutes I’ll head to the Convention Center, but first I’ll write this post while enjoying a hearty breakfast and dirty chai tea latte at Greenhouse Cafe, yum! My lovely couchsurfing host, Candace, recommended I come here as the coffee beans are delivered on a daily basis by bicycle. Rose Park Roasters is just one of the many community bicycle projects Candace tells me about, along with a popular Pedicab service her friends work. Even more ironic (and great), Candace and her brother are big cyclists. Candace has cycle toured 600 miles down the Californian coast and commutes to the University of Long Beach daily while her brother is a professional cyclist who runs a homemade bike bag business with his girlfriend. Boy, I can’t wait to meet that dynamic duo bike couple! Couchsurfing is a spectacular way to meet like-minded people, and I feel so lucky to stay with Candace. I’m hoping all three of these wonderful Long Beach cycling locals decide to join me for this Thursday’s Cycle Chic: Past, Present & Future Bike Fashion Show.

It’s conference o’ clock, time to check out Rose Park Roaster’s cleverly conscientious business in person then scurry off to the Convention Center. Bike/ped professionals, here I come. One fiery livability activist ready to join your community.


Author: Lyndsay McKeever

Virginia Tech Alternative Transportation Intern. Student Government Association Transportation Director. Active Transportation Advocate and Commuter Cyclist. Sustainability Girl. VT Cycling Team Member.

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